We have more than 15 years of experience working with various companies, startups in the silicone valley, winning several competitions, being a public speaker, mentor we are on a mission to see how We all love to play and forget as we grow, we are on a mission to Applying Fun through Play as we strongly believe that "Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein".

Some of the awards we have won during various events:

- Winner GDC-NEXT-2014 
- Pocket Gamer connect London 

- Google Indie game festival-2016

- Global VR challenge-2016


Play can be designed and applied to various aspects of real world challenges like learning, education, training, therapy, sweep stakes and more. 

We help build, design, launch and operate your games and experiences that fit will your products or business use cases on any platform including (Web, Mobile, PC, VR/AR).

Member of: 

- Oculus Start for VR

- Nvidia Inception for AI

- Google Cloud for startups

- Microsoft Azure for gaming